Concealer Mistakes

Today I will talk about Concelear. Concealer is a type of cosmetic that use to hide dark circles or small blemishes on skin- that’s why I love concealer. But unless your doing it wrong you will end up making your under eye area look 10x worse.

Let me help you.

When you decide to buy a concealer for dark circles you must take exactly same as your foundation color. It’s meant to hide not to highlight them.

My trick is to buy 2 concealers. One to hide and even my skin tone and another one to highlight where I need to be highlighted.

I love NARS cosmetics Concealer still it’s my Favorite.

Tell me what’s you favorite concealer?

Lamya xx

Beauty Note: Winter Makeup Routine ☃️

Brrrrrr ☃️


Hello Ladies, Lets me tell you about my good to go makeup in cold days. . Hydration and Highlights are must in my Winter Beauty Routine. After cleansing my face, Usually this takes me 10-15 mints every day.

  1.   I start my with Kiehls Products for Face and Eyes after that I apply BECCA Foundation using Caylin O! Brush, (I’m loving this brush, easy to use and blends amazingly) then applying  Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer using the one and only Beauty Blender. 
  2.  Just little on the cheekbones I apply the Watt’s Up  Highlighter for healthy glowing look and blend it with beauty blender. *Note: if you want long-Lasting look NOW you can set your foundation and concealer by applying loose powder I like Laura mercier  or foundation powder like  MAC, I don’t do this everyday just when I know I will have a long day ahead.
  3. For a warm, sun-kissed glow I love using Face & Body Bronzing Powder by Bobbi Brown using a Bronzer Brush to dust powder on the apples of cheeks and blending up towards the hairline, then Using Illamasqua Blusher on the apple of the cheeks using blusher brush.  Curling my lashes with the award wining Mascara from benefit called Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara .
  4. Ending the makeup look with  HUDABEAUTY Liquid Lipstick in TRENDSETTER or VIEXN depending on my mood.

I’d love to know…what’s your daily  routine ?

Any favorite products or techniques you’d like to share?


Lamya, xx



⭐Makeup Wipes⭐

⭐Makeup Wipes⭐

Cleanse by Lauren Napier face care
12 KWD –

Ole Henriksen paraben free face wash
4.514 KWD –

Sephora Collection face care
2.295 KWD –

Simple gentle facial cleanser
1.527 KWD –

Neutrogena makeup remover
0.609 KWD –

Garnier body cleanser
1.670 KWD –

Gucci eye shadow brush
20 KWD –

Urban decay eyeliner
7.345 KWD –

Lengthening mascara
1.181 KWD –

Lip makeup
0.918 KWD –

MAC Wipes 45 Sheets
6.121 KWD –

Makeup Talk: Sponges

Praised by Beauty Bloggers and Makeup Artists.

What makes the original beautyblender® so different? Beauty Blender officially known for Makeup’s best friend. It was created by artist called Ree Ann Silva. The sponge holds water, not product, evenly distributing the perfect amount of cream or foundation into skin without any lines. The EGG Shape, PROMISES natural blending in BOTH small AND large surface areas.


Before you begin your makeup application, WET the sponge until it’s completely soaked and squeeze out any excess water.

Add small amount of liquid foundation onto the back of your hand, dip the rounded end of your sponge into the foundation, and begin applying to your face by dabbing the sponge gently until you reach a flawless finish. 

Beauty Blender can also be used for Concealer and Contour, with bouncy movent into your skin you will get airbrush-like effect. 

 WASH it using a mild soap and warm water, Then,Rinse sponge until water runs clear and let it air dry.

Beauty Tip: Don’t forget to replace your sponge with new one every 3 months due to hygiene reasons.


Do you have beauty blender?

If you answered YES! Mention below for what you prefer to use it?

Enjoy you day!



Lamya xx



 The secret has been revealed.


Baking also know as COOKING. Its been a Pro technique for a long time till last Summer (2014).

The idea is to layer a heavy thick application of translucent (whether its loose or pressed ) powder under the eye area over the concealer and leave it for few minutes, so your body’s natural heat can ‘Bake’ the concealer into the creases for smoother & professional result.


How to do it the perfect way ?

Apply the Creamy Conceler under your eye area with your finger or sponge, then using the Setting Brush apply a good amount of a translucent powder , finally leave it for 5-10 mins while your body do the cooking for you and dust it away.



My tip for you ladies is to save this trick special occasion only.

Will you be trying this new technique? 

Let me know in the comments!



Lamya xx

MakeUp Kit to Carry to Your Workplace

MakeUp Kit to Carry to Your Workplace

Eos lip care

Body moisturizer

Bath body product

Goody hair pin

My First Ever Blog Post ! Welcome.

Its always my dream to be a STYLIST someday, attending all the exclusive events , styling for big magazines , traveling around the world for fashion shows and meeting powerful people in Fashion Industry but then am awake back to just Lamya from Kuwait.
I’m really Passionate for FASHION specially Styling. I always get comments from my friends like :
” I LOVE your Outfit Today!”
“Oh, I just Love how you pair this Pants with that Top!”
“Can you please tell me how to wear this Skirt ?”
Starting a blog was in my mind for almost 3 years I was really afraid to go for it, I don’t know why I was creating many excuses for not to blog, but then just yesterday after watching #HouseOfDVF in #E! I relised that I should own a Fashion Blog ASAP talking all about Fashion and foucasing in Styling more. However, I have already an Instagram account creating all the Outfits of the day by me and sharing an interesting pictures about Fashion & Beauty, But I think Blog is a good way to write more about the picture than just upload it.
So Finally Here I am.

So yeah I Love to Style, “Playing Dressing-Up Starts at age Five and never Ends”. KATE SPADE

Here you will find all the interesting topics about New Trends in FashionStyling Tips and Beauty products to play with. You are welcome to leave comments share your thoughts with me OR if you prefer an Email thats fine as well.
Let’s get the FUN Started.